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Health And Safety Policy

We adhere to safety and health measures at workplaces to ensure that our employees work in a conducive environment. Therefore our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policy demonstrates MSS ability and commitment to consistently provide a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

The policy focuses on the following:

  • prevent incidents / accidents in the working environment
  • identify hazardous conditions and act to rectify such conditions.
  • implement written safe task procedures and measure compliance.c
  • constantly conduct refresher courses for our security officers on issues pertaining to Safety, Health and the Environment.
  • Site assessment prior to commencement of work to identify any health risks that may jeopardize the smooth rendering of security services.

All accidents and incidents with a high potential for harm shall be thoroughly investigated by MSS management. Actions required to be taken are managed through the non-conformance register and only signed off once implemented. All actions are re-assessed to ensure no new risk has been the result of the implemented action. This process is undertaken with the cooperation of the client representative