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Quality Policy

Macibo Security Services (PTY) Ltd is committed to provision of quality services to all its clients. Our management and security officers are both responsible for complying with the quality management system and ensuring that all procedures and work instructions are properly executed with all standards met. We are fully aware that clients require quality-oriented services from us hence the company has developed this quality policy to ensure that the best output is produced.

It has become our company culture and aim to increase our client’s level of satisfaction while decreasing the occurrences of faults and complaints.

,b>Therefore our objectives for quality control measures encompass the following:

  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Reduce rework
  • Reduce client’s complaints
  • Keep our security officers highly motivated
  • Improve communication between MSS and our clients
  • Increase safety awareness among employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce work complaints among employees
  • Ensure that our security officers are on duty on time
  • Ensure that employees on duty are in full company uniform
  • Ensure that all necessary work equipment is provided