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Macibo security offers its clients a wide range of guarding services in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Residential
  • Commercial

We undertake to offer the most effective process on-site off.

Listed below are the steps taken to place guarding personal on your site and ensure maximum protection effectiveness.



Client Special Brief

The first step in securing your business is to determine what your specific need is. We offer a free site assessment to determine all the potential threats and to calculate what the optimum course of action to implement would be. Once a final plan is agreed on, the recruitment process begins.


Our recruitment process is guided by the site specific requirement as well as our expectation of the ability of the individual to sucessfully conduct of the ability of the individual to successfully conduct his role on site.

Selection Process

This process includes pre-employed vetting, ID checks skills assessment, communication skills and personal department. All our security officers are literate and speak at least two official language, thereby ensuring uninterrupted lines of communications between our client and our staff.

Offsite And On Site Training

Protection officers are brief and trained offsite prior to deployment and then coached onsite until all members are familiar and comfortable in the roles.

On-Going Training

On-going training occurs on a regular basis as of the refining process, in which we address site specific instances and variables that sometimes occurs.


Our security officers are easily identified by their distance company uniforms and are inspected daily on parade to ensure so briefly and conformity. We understand that in many cases we form the front line of your company and therefore endour to meet that responsibility with pride and be excellent.